Draft community investment system

Draft Community Investment Model 25mar2013]

Download as a pdf Draft Community Investment Model 25mar2013

In early 2013, 361 Degrees sketched the outline of a community investment system for presentation at a local conference. Unfortunately, the conference was cancelled but the desire to share, refine and understand the community investment model remained. The model has therefore been loaded to this blog and we are inviting people to engage in a dialogue about what should be included. The model will be refined based on the feedback received. The final model will be loaded to the blog for all to review.

The strategic question is how can commercial organisations invest in the local community that maximises positive impact and social return. The model starts with the project / activity investment.

The model currently suggest four key elements:

  1. Purchase from local businesses by encouraging decentralised decision making and procurement practices.
  2. Use local infrastructure in a sustainable manner to promote increased investment.
  3. Employ locally by leveraging the existing skills base and encourage training.
  4. Undertake your activities within an engagement framework that fosters trust and builds partnerships to manage change.



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