Strategic Engagement in Government

We partner with government agencies when strategic thinking, innovation and engagement with stakeholders are prerequisites to achieving sustainable outcomes. We collaborate with agency staff and stakeholders to design processes that explore potential future directions. Our processes encourage local government to think differently when considering future scenarios and engage stakeholders in the design and implementation process.

With over a decade of experience partnering with governments agencies across Western Australia, our consultants understand the challenges and opportunities of service delivery in regional communities.

Our previous partnerships have included facilitating and preparing long-term strategic vision documents such as city centre vision documents, community health plans and strategic community plans. We are also experienced in working with agencies on feasibility studies and sourcing funding for infrastructure projects.

Jamie Robertson

Consultant Profile

Jamie Robertson is our key consultant in the area of local government. He has an impressive record of working with local governments to achieve meaningful and sustainable outcomes, particularly in the areas of strategic planning, health and telecommunications.

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