Leadership in Health Engagement

At the IAP2 Core Value Awards for excellence in engagement, 361 Degrees, in partnership with Hope Community Services, received the judge’s high commendation in health engagement. 361 Degrees’ engagement services supported the establishment of a unique model in alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Western Australia’s Mid West region. Hope Springs Community Farm is the first therapeutic community to be established in the region. For further information on this award winning project, visit the Hope Community Services’website

This award recognises 361 Degrees’ leadership in health engagement. Our experienced and knowledgeable engagement practitioners have clinical, program design, health informatics, and health service delivery backgrounds. We also have a particular focus on regional and remote service delivery. In addition to Hope Springs Community Farm, our previous health projects include community health planning, research into the health needs of disadvantaged groups and working with training providers to identify clinical training priorities. Visit our health service engagement & planning page for additional information on the award winning health engagement services offered by 361 Degrees.