Professional Services

Established in 2006, 361 Degrees has built a reputation for providing quality engagement and specialised training services to industry, government and the community sector. Our services include strategic thinking and planning, stakeholder engagement and project communication management services.

The business operates as a networked enterprise, where consultants freely associate and collaborate under a single mission; to be engaged in meaningful activities that build individual and organisational capacity to achieve positive social, economic and environmental change. People are at the core of our business philosophy and we share a belief in the power of engagement, ideas, creativity and the value of exploring future possibilities.

In their consulting and training activities, each consultant aims to build individual and organisational capacity. This is a key effectiveness measure that is evaluated at the conclusion of each engagement.  By building this capacity, 361 Degrees seeks to make the world a better place by enhancing the interaction of stakeholders and organisations to enable more informed and improved decision making.

Our aspiration is a world where stakeholders engage in conversations and activities that explore creative and alternative futures.

We take pride in our ability to build the capacity of our clients and to leave behind the skills to enable them to change their world. At 361 Degrees, we change the world by helping others change theirs.

Future Directions

At 361 Degrees we use an innovative, strategic thinking and engagement framework to assist organisations to plan beyond the next 10 years. We tailor our approach to incorporate the political and social context, as well as the aspirations of stakeholders.

Our services include stakeholder engagement, scenario planning, strategic conversations and report preparation. These services support clients through the futures-planning process and build internal capacity.

Stakeholder Engagement

As well as drawing on their extensive experience, our consultants are guided by PELORUS, our strategic systems thinking framework. The PELORUS Stakeholder Engagement Framework enables stakeholders to understand the complexity and diversity of situations, while also empowering them to design practical pathways for a better future.

Project Communications Management

At 361 Degrees we believe project stakeholders should be engaged rather than managed. Engagement recognises the potential for stakeholders to add value to a project and to significantly increase the realisation of a project’s benefits. In a project environment, stakeholder engagement is both a cultural orientation and a planning exercise. While our consultants are effective in stakeholder planning and engagement, we achieve our best results when we partner with project teams that acknowledge stakeholders have a valid claim for dialogue with their project.

Strategy Development

Working with an emergent and iterative strategic thinking framework, our consultants can conceptualise complexity, and the social and political context of policy and strategy development. We actively seek to engage stakeholders in examining complexity and use stakeholder knowledge to explore potential pathways and scenarios.

Project / Program Evaluation

Taking the time to measure the impact of a project or program on a target group is widely accepted as best practice. At 361 Degrees we work with clients to develop an evaluation methodology as part of the project or program initiation, or as a reflective process. Our ability to effectively engage with stakeholders ensures that our evaluations are rich in qualitative insights.