Transformational Strategy

Drawing on their extensive experience in business planning and strategy development, our consultants partner with clients to assist them to achieve their desired transformation. Our previous engagements include:

  • Drafting the Master Project Plan for the Ord Stage 2 Project
  • Business planning to support the launch of a consumer grade satellite telecommunications service
  • Regional workforce development planning
  • Identifying science priorities for state government funding
  • Community health planning to align service delivery to the primary healthcare model
  • Drafting of strategic directions documents for the provision of clinical training in regional and remote Western Australia.
  • Drafting of the intellectual property guidelines for the Western Australian State Government
  • Drafting Strategic Community Plans to guide business planning in Local Government

We deliver these services by referencing soft systems methodologies (SSM), particularly Ariadne.

Jamie Robertson

Consultant Profile

Jamie Robertson is our key consultant in the strategy area. Jamie has an impressive record of working with clients to achieve meaningful transformation and sustainable outcomes.

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