Thinking Differently

Strategic thinking is at the core of the 361 Degrees business philosophy and we use ariadne as our strategic thinking framework. The ariadne framework enables groups to generate creative and sustainable futures in situations where there are no immediately recognisable solutions, or where those solutions are contested.

The ariadne framework was developed in response to the characteristics of the world in which we now find ourselves. These characteristics include increasing complexity; the changing nature of organisations (shifting to networks and virtual arrangements); the changing needs of individuals (who tend to be more highly educated, expect greater involvement in decisions and more opportunities for self direction in their work); and the perceived speed of change and pressure to act.

Employing ariadne contributes to the development of processes for thinking and acting for the future in our uncertain world. The framework incorporates soft systems methodology, future methods, narrative and creativity.

Strategic conversations are an important element of ariadne and provide the opportunity for people to consider the medium to longer term contexts that could shape the future, and what they might do in response. This approach recognises that people prefer to participate in discussions rather than have research and plans created by a few and delivered from afar. At the organisational level, the increasing pace of change has shortened planning horizons making it imperative for organisations that seek a sustainable future to be proactive in shaping that future.

361 Degrees offers several training options in strategic thinking. Click here to view our thinking differently training opportunities in the current 361 Degree’s brochure.

Dr Lynn Allen

Consultant Profile

Lynn Allen is our leading consultant in the area of thinking differently. Lynn has an impressive array of academic achievements including an Honorary Doctor of Letters from Curtin University for contributions to the information and university sectors. Her experience includes senior board and council appointments, and extensive experience in management and CEO roles in the public and private sectors.

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