Stakeholder Engagement (public)

This workshop provides participants and organisations with the knowledge and tools to successfully engage stakeholders in multiple settings and including AA1000 SES, the international Standard for Stakeholder Engagement. The workshop introduces participants to the seven elements of PELORUS, a stakeholder planning and engagement framework developed by experienced engagement consultants.

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Navigating Complex Futures (in-house)

This is our flagship program in which the theory and practice of ariadne is explored in detail through a seven day program delivered over four months. This timetable enables each participant to embed their understanding of ariadne while transferring their learning to their teams; and to achieve real outcomes with either a long-term futures project or a significant current challenge.

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ariadne Capabilities (Prerequisites apply)

These workshops are reserved for people who are already familiar with ariadne. We offer mini-master classes on the capabilities fundamental to developing expertise in the ariadne framework. These can be delivered as either one day or half-day workshops.

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Innovative Thinking (In-house)

Defining a problem is just the beginning. This workshop addresses the challenge of achieving agreement on how to move forward by introducing participants to a framework for creating innovative solutions and futures. The innovative thinking framework explored in this workshop combines systems thinking, futures methods and creativity techniques. It presents a systematic way of collecting ideas and setting up situations so that shared futures can emerge.

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Strategic Conversations (in-house)

This workshop explores the ariadne strategic conversation framework, providing participants with a systematic way of conducting open conversations on future alternatives. To ensure practical application of the framework, the workshop presents the strategic conversation framework within the context of an issue relevant to the organisation.

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Creative Futures (in-house)

This workshop seeks to shift the internal focus of long-term strategic planners to a discussion about the kind of future environment into which the organisation could be heading and to an understanding of the assumptions they make about that environment. The workshop introduces participants to scenarios, methods to enable creative exploration of the future, a framework to explore future alternative environments and methods to engage people in the process.

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