Creative Futures

Workshop Overview

Format: Full day, tailored workshop
Facilitator: Lynn Allen
Dates & Cost: Negotiated

Traditional strategic planning methods have struggled with the uncertainty, complexity, speed and turbulence that define many modern work environments. Single line forecasts, predicting trend behaviour and setting KPIs that are ‘written in stone’ are increasingly ineffective ways of forecasting how the organisation may need to adapt in response to the new challenges and opportunities of the external environment.

This workshop seeks to shift the internal focus of long-term planners to a discussion about the kind of future environment into which the organisation could be heading and to an understanding of the assumptions they make about that environment.

This workshop introduces participants to scenarios, methods to enable creative exploration of the future, a framework to explore future alternative environments and methods to engage people in the process.

Lynn Allen

Consultant Profile

Lynn Allen has extensive experience in senior management including 12 years as a State Government Chief Executive Officer.

Lynn’s achievements include winning Gold Awards in the National IT Productivity Awards, an Honorary Doctor of Letters from Curtin University and a National Fellowship from the Institute of Public Administration Australia. She was a Professorial Fellow for nine years at the Curtin Business School.

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