Navigating Complex Futures

Workshop Overview

Format: 7 day public workshop
Facilitator: Dr Lynn Allen
Dates & Cost: Negotiated

This workshop series presents a structured learning experience based on the holistic thinking framework called ariadne. The framework is both a futures-planning and a problem-exploration methodology that incorporates a range of concepts from the fields of systems thinking, futures methods, creativity, organisational learning, strategy and narrative.

This is our flagship program in which the theory and practice of ariadne is explored in detail. This is a seven day program delivered over four months. This timetable enables each participant to embed their understanding of ariadne while transferring their learning to their teams; and to achieve real outcomes with either a long-term futures project or a significant current challenge.

Participants are encouraged to focus on a real issue facing the future of their organisation and encouraged to work on this issue in the workshops and in the workplace. By the end of the program they will have considered likely actions to resolve or advance the particular issue.

The focus on a workplace issue over four months provides time for individuals to explore significant strategic and complex issues. This reflective style of learning encourages participants to use the ariadne framework to build creative and innovative approaches to their situations as well as to apply innovative methods to team building.

Lynn Allen

Consultant Profile

Lynn Allen has extensive experience in senior management including 12 years as a State Government Chief Executive Officer.

Lynn’s achievements include winning Gold Awards in the National IT Productivity Awards, an Honorary Doctor of Letters from Curtin University and a National Fellowship from the Institute of Public Administration Australia. She was a Professorial Fellow for nine years in the Curtin Business School.

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