Thinking Differently

Workshop Overview

Format: half day public workshop
Facilitator: Dr Lynn Allen and Jamie Robertson
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Do you find yourself regularly facing wicked problems? The pace of change, increasing uncertainty, ever-changing technology and global demands are leaving many of us unable to define the problems, let alone conceive the solutions.

Join us to explore approaches that embrace complexity rather than ignore it, that incorporate multiple perspectives, encourage holistic thinking, and facilitate appreciation of emerging opportunities. Spend the morning with us to understand how organisational change and improvement can be achieved by thinking differently.

Jamie Robertson and Lynn Allen will share frameworks that are based on sound theory and practice. The PELORUS Stakeholder Engagement Framework promotes real ownership of the engagement process by encouraging active participation and recognition of the richness and diversity of stakeholder views.

The ariadne Emergent Futures Framework enables groups to generate creative and sustainable futures in situations where there are no immediately recognisable solutions, or where those solutions are contested.

Lynn Allen

Consultant Profile

Lynn Allen has extensive experience in senior management including 12 years as a State Government Chief Executive Officer.

Lynn’s achievements include winning Gold Awards in the National IT Productivity Awards, an Honorary Doctor of Letters from Curtin University and a National Fellowship from the Institute of Public Administration Australia. She was a Professorial Fellow for nine years in the Curtin Business School.

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