Updated Community Investment System

Draft Community Investment Model (jpg version)

Draft Community Investment Model (jpg version)

Download as an A3 size pdf Draft Community Investment Model 25Sept2013

In early 2013, 361 Degrees sketched the outline of a community investment system and invited people, via linked-in, to comment and refine the content. We started with the strategic question; how can commercial organisations invest in the local community to maximise positive impact and social return.

The original system had four key elements:

  1. Purchase from local businesses by encouraging decentralised decision making and procurement practices.
  2. Use local infrastructure in a sustainable manner to promote increased investment.
  3. Employ locally by leveraging the existing skills base and promote training.
  4. Undertake your activities within an engagement framework that fosters trust and builds partnerships to manage change.

Following feedback, the following two elements have been added:

  1. Use the project / investment activity to drive innovation in the local economy.
  2. Integrate the concept of community investment early in the project planning stage and follow through into delivery.

Thank you for your interest and to the following individuals for their insightful contributions to the conversation

  • Andrea Kanaris
  • Rob Denny
  • Peter S Nawara
  • William Tiampo
  • Stephen Kisakye
  • Kate Charters
  • Fouad Haghseresht
  • Ross Yelland

The new version of the system continues to be presented as a draft and comments are welcome via linked-in. The revised draft was posted in the “Community Relations Practitioners in Mining Industry Group” and “SEGRA – Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia Group”.




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