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Capacity building is at the core of the 361 Degrees business philosophy and we provide professional development in frameworks that incorporate soft systems methodologies, futures methods, narrative and creative tools.

Our workshops are delivered by Jamie Robertson, a Director with 361 Degrees, a highly experienced trainer, board member and professional consultant.

Our workshops are regularly offered by our partner training organisations. Enrolments for these workshops are managed by our training partners.

Contact us today to discuss how our training options can build individual and organisational capacity.

Learning Opportunities

Stakeholder engagement (workshop)

A workshop designed to provide participants with the knowledge and tools to successfully engage stakeholders in multiple settings using a stakeholder planning and engagement framework developed by experienced engagement consultants. The workshop can be tailored to meet your organisation’s need and is offered as an in-house workshop.

Creative minds, creative futures (workshop)

Defining a problem is just the beginning. This workshop addresses the challenge of achieving agreement on how to move forward by introducing participants to a framework for creating innovative solutions and futures. The innovative thinking framework explored in this workshop combines systems thinking, futures methods and creativity techniques. It presents a systematic way of collecting ideas and setting up situations so that shared futures can emerge. Creative minds, creative futures is exclusively available through the Institute of Public Administration Australia (WA).

Leadership and engagement (workshop)

This is our newest workshop currently under development. It is designed for elected officials (at all levels of government) and senior management that work closely with them. In this workshop we explore the democratic principles of leadership, representation and delegation, within the context of a growing demand from citizens and community to be actively engaged in the decision-making process.

Learning Outcomes

Stakeholder engagement

  • Understand why we engage and the reasons behind poor engagement
  • Appreciate the power of effective communications
  • How to identify stakeholders and plan for an effective engagement
  • Use engagement as a source of innovation
  • Measure success

Creative minds, creative futures

  • Appreciate social and political context and the influence of worldviews
  • How to identify what is happening on the fringes
  • Understand emergence as a concept
  • Work in a team environment to generate creative ideas
  • Transform a preferred model into narratives for wider consultation
  • Maintain creative enthusiasm in the face of opposition

Leadership and engagement

  • Appreciate key liberal democracy concepts
  • Understand the difference between the representative and the delegate
  • How to apply engagement and leadership in decision making
  • How to assess the outcomes from engagement processes
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