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Project Communications

Managing multiple community and stakeholder relations with agility is challenging, especially because of the vast array of complaints and issues that can arise. When stakeholders and community are not effectively managed the results can be disastrous for a project, impacting reputation, program and cost. Our competitive project communications services are designed to remove the anxiety of engaging with stakeholders on civil and building construction projects.

We have extensive experience delivering excellent project communications outcomes and forging relationships with project stakeholders. We have worked with some clients for over a decade. Our clients trust us and have confidence in our capability.

Our consultants proactively engage the community and respond with agility to issues. We understand that time is dollars in construction, and we seek to pre-empt issues and quickly achieve resolutions that minimise the risk of escalation to the project sponsor.

Partnering with us will reduce your project’s reputation and stakeholder risks and embrace the potential of community and stakeholders to add value through opportunity identification, innovation and benefits realisation.

We partner with our clients and project sponsors to identify the project negotiables and plan bespoke engagements with project stakeholders without adversely impacting project timeframes and cost. We aim for our clients to sleep soundly at night, confident that the project communications are in-hand.

Our bespoke services include the comprehensive management of project communications or one-off tasks such as:

  • Project communications planning
  • Community / social impact studies
  • Design reviews and audits
  • Engagement with designers, database managers and client-based communications staff
  • Complaint management
  • Crisis management
  • Project and client reporting
  • Recruitment and facilitation of community advisory or focus groups
  • Management of contentious issues, including preliminary assessments of property damage claims
  • Drafting of communication materials

We have extensive experience preparing Community and Stakeholder Engagement Plans that are consistent with project sponsor policies and protocols, the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Quality Assurance Standard for Community and Stakeholder Engagement. We can also score the design and implementation of project communication plans against external sustainability frameworks, including the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) Stakeholder Engagement Credit System.

Contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation introduction to our project communications service.


Ocean Reef Marina 2020-22

Management of project communications for the early works phase and delivery of strategic communications and engagement during the construction of the ocean breakwaters

New Bayswater Train Station 2019-22

Management of the Community-in-Design process and delivery of local business engagement initiatives to mitigate the impact of construction activities

Subiaco Oval Demolition 2019/20

Management of contractor communications for the demolition of WA’s historic 43,000 seat sports stadium in an inner-city suburb and associated civil works.

Subiaco Oval Demolition

Kwinana Freeway Northbound 2018-20

Management of community and stakeholder engagement during construction of 6 kms of additional freeway lanes and upgraded Principal Shared Path.

Kwinana Freeway Northbound Widening Project

Kwinana Freeway Southbound 2014/15

Management of project communications to construct 5 kms of additional freeway lanes, including a new bridge over the freight railway line.

Kwinana Freeway Southbound Widening Project

Reid- Alexander / Reid Mirrabooka Interchange 2010/11

Management of project communications for the construction of the Reid Highway overpasses at Alexander Drive and Mirrabooka Avenue.

Reid Highway Mirrabooka Avenue Interchange

Princess Margaret Hospital Demolition 2020-22

Management of project communications for the demolition of a major inner-city hospital campus including 16 separate buildings of up to 10 stories high.

Mitchell Freeway Extension 2020-22

Management of project communications during construction of 5.6kms of additional freeway, two interchanges, local road duplications, construction of noise walls and principal shared path infrastructure.

Mitchell Freeway Southbound 2018-20

Management of project communications during construction of 7 kms of additional freeway lanes and upgraded principal shared path infrastructure, including the installation of a pedestrian/cyclist bridge.

Mitchell Freeway Southbound Widening Project

Hope Springs Community Farm 2014/15

Facilitation of the development application and construction of WA’s first drug and alcohol therapeutic community in the Mid West region.

Hope Springs Community Farm

Browse LNG 2011

Management the Social and Indigenous Impact Mitigation Study for downstream (onshore) EPC processing facilities.

Waterford Plaza Re-development 2009/10

A two-year, two-stage development that doubled the retail floor area. The development included creating space for 30 additional tenants, a major supermarket and a 250 bay roof top carpark.

Waterford Plaza Redevelopment
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