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We understand that time and resources are precious. Using a proven and creative stakeholder engagement process, we work with you to draft stakeholder informed strategic documents that prioritise the allocation of resources, maximise your impact and achieve your strategic objectives.

Our services are designed to simplify the process of engaging stakeholders and reduce the stress of strategic planning for senior managers and directors. We relish the opportunity to work in environments with complex and diverse stakeholder groupings. Inherent conflicts and different points of view are used in our methodology to find common understandings. In this way, stakeholders are encouraged to embrace new ideas about the future.

Our proven methodology creates a safe space where all stakeholders (staff, clients, management, funders, directors and others) can engage in the process of defining your organisation’s future directions. Our process is designed to ensure your future directions are consistent with your vision, stakeholder expectations and deliver on the organisation’s priorities.

We also seek to build your capacity, taking senior managers and directors on a governance and planning journey that can be replicated using internal resources in subsequent years.

Our methodology is underpinned by a soft systems methodology (SSM) that creates a safe environment where the complexity and diversity of future possibilities are explored and practical solutions for a better future can be designed.

Our strategy services include:

  • Integrated business planning
  • Preparation of strategic plans
  • Preparation of visioning documents and futures planning
  • Preparation of business / operational plans
  • Policy development
  • Business case development
  • Project planning
  • Preparation of Stakeholder engagement frameworks
  • Stakeholder engagement

Most of our work is confidential advice to clients however, below we have included a sample of our strategy work that is in the public domain.

By choosing to work with us you’re also helping not for profits build their capacity and explore their futures through our pro-bono impact initiative.

Contact us today to arrange a free, no obligation introduction to our strategy service.


Garnduwa Strategic Plan
Hedland Well Womens Centre
National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education
Hope Springs
Clinical Training Network
Shire of Broomehill Tambellup
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